Gazi University, Faculty of Arts, firstly, depending on Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy and Statistics Faculty of Basic Sciences in the academic year 1978-1979 opened as in 1982, the Organization for Higher Education Law No. 2809 amended the adoption of Legislative Decree No. 41 of the Law on Gazi University, Faculty of Science was established.

Dated February 11, 2011, and 2010/1371 by the Council of Ministers was established in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Faculties separated and detached. Faculty of History, Turkish Language and Literature, Art History, Philosophy, Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Western Languages and Literatures (English Language and Literature, U.S., French Language and Literature German Language and Literature in the United States and the United States), Russian Language and Literature, Archaeology , Turkish Folklore, consists of the Departments of Sociology and Psychology.

The education period is 4 years and the language of instruction is Turkish. Double-branch-by-branch departments of the Faculty of accreditation and studies are being performed. At the same time History, Turkish Language and Literature, Philosophy and Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literature Departments Secondary Education program is also carried out.